Tropical engineering

Building industrial facilities in the tropics is different. Remote and rural areas in developping nations require simple and solid designs. Only the good judgement and technical pragmatism of the project manager can assure a flawless construction phase and a smooth plant operation afterwards.


Palm kernel crushing plant 100 T/day, Safacam, Cameroun 2015 ​

The plant was built and commissioned in a record time. It took less than six months, from May until mid October, to raze the previous warehouse, build the plant and commission it.

Palm oil mill extension to 30T/h, Socapalm Edea, Cameroun 2010 ​

The existing oil mill was commissioned in 1984 with a capacity of 15 T/h. An upgrade to be ready for 30 T/h was decided and realised within 2010.

Biomass boiler 6 T/h, Socapalm Edea, Cameroun 2009 ​
Fully automated press-filter for olein/stearin separation, SPFS, Cameroun 2009​

Energy saving

Pleasing the planet and the shareholders without angering the employees? Cutting your energy bill should be the first place to look. There still is a lot of low hanging fruit out there. Excellent business cases based on solid science. Even when energy prices are low, very attractive yields can be obtained. By the way, power generated by gensets is often 3 times as expensive as power from the grid.

Image thinking

Huvengi is proud to have Paul Huvenne among its members. An art historian with an unbeatable track record, having directed both the Rubens house and the Museum of Fine Arts in Antwerp for many years. He can share his experience and expertise with you to realize your project.


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